Workshops, seminars and presentations:

Dr. Deninger has provided numerous lectures and presentations on Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Eye Movement Integration™ to our graduate students in the Department of Counseling at Gallaudet University. The evaluations from students have always been very positive. The faculty has been very pleased with his knowledge and his willingness to share his experience and skill at making very difficult techniques understandable and applicable to the professional responsibilities of our students.
Frank R. Zieziula, PhD
Department of Counseling
Gallaudet University

This has been the most helpful training I've attended – ever! It's given me skill to use with clients I was stuck with. The workshop atmosphere was highly interactive and experiential with a warm, empathetic, skilled trainer. Thank you!
Linda Lytle, Phd
Clinical Psychologist

Mike graciously agreed to dedicate personal time at a recent Vital Cycles Micro-Retreat. He demonstrated EMI, an emerging therapeutic technique that facilitates swift internal conflict resolution. His presentation of the history and development of this technique was thoughtful and meticulous. His demonstration of the technique with a volunteer was riveting! He was booked for two hours, but patiently stayed long after to answer questions and provide additional commentary. His presentation was a highlight of our healing weekend.
Eric Lautzenheiser
Board Member
Vital Cycles

What other mental health professionals had to say. . .

Mike is a skilled trainer. He develops rapport with his class and artfully leads them through the process. He helped me master the techniques but also understand what may be happening with my clients.

This workshop was an excellent use of in-class demonstrations and hands on training. Mike is a very knowledgeable instructor.

Mike is the strength of this training. He’s very knowledgeable about the topic, provides good pacing and is very responsive to participants.

One of the best trainings I've ever been to. I loved the breakdown and clarity.

This training broadened my horizons regarding techniques to alleviate trauma and PTSD symptoms. I’m much more confident now.

Client Testimonials (Details have been changed to protect confidentiality)

I encountered a devastating life altering situation when a woman I loved left and married another man. I was heartbroken. Things didn't work out between them and we later rekindled what we had lost. However, as things progressed, I became more heartbroken than the first time around. Dr. Mike's EMI™ and hypnotherapy techniques allowed me to look at the situation in an entirely different way in just three sessions. I'm no longer depressed nor do I feel any resentment or anger. Thanks Dr. Mike!

Working with Dr. Mike was one of the best things I have ever done. After years of not driving on major highways, he was able to help me get over that fear. After my second visit with Dr. Mike, I felt I could drive with confidence anywhere. I can't tell you how excited I am. This has opened up a whole new world for me.

Dr. Mike helped me with an obsession I had over a friend that I couldn't stop thinking about and checking on. The Eye Movement Integration™ therapy we did was very productive and effective. The issue finally passed. I no longer have the urge to check in with, look up or wonder what's happening with him. When my relationship with my partner was strained from communication issues, we decided to contact Dr. Mike again. We saw him for several sessions and he helped us open up and spill what was troubling each of us. Dr. Mike taught us how to really listen to one another and, more importantly, to say clearly what we meant without making matters worse. It was amazing how much we improved our connection with each other, and I think it's helped me in my own life dealing with friends and relatives, too.

Reactions to Dr. Mike's hypnotherapy CDs

Dr. Mike. WOW! This stuff is excellent. Really powerful, even emotional. Don't know how to describe it, but it works! The "Self-Hypnosis" CD nicely combines breathing, which is a big part of meditation, with a type of guided imagery."

I have listened to Progressive Relaxation several times and I really enjoyed it. You do an excellent job of leading the listener gradually, step-by-step into a relaxed state. And the music is quite soothing. Two thumbs up!

I take my heart rate and blood pressure before and after listening to your CDs. With your "Progressive Relaxation" CD, my blood pressure comes down considerably. The heart rate varies depending on what's going on, but the recording seems to hold it steady. When my BP is up, a session brings it down. So, coming from an expert of sorts, this really works! I know lots of people this would help.
G.B (heart patient)